Price List


Quantity                  Pendants                       Wands

1 – 9                         $50.00/ a piece          $100/ a piece

10 – 100                  $ 25.00/ a piece         $ 35.00/ a piece

Over 100                Contact Us                     Contact Us

our prices               as low as $ 5.00          as low as $15.0


We have researched and personally use the highest quality Pendants. You can buy 1 (one) for $ 50 – NOT Fusion Excel but works even better. – More Information Here )

Shipping Choices

We also carry non-Amega-Global wands for those who want a cheaper wand without the fear of it not working. We have tested all our non-Amega-Global wands and they all work as good or better. We have inventory at hand and you will get delivery in a few days. Shipping is free to most countries. Price is $ 100.00 US – $ 115.00 International

Shipping Choices


Order wands in packs  of ten wands for $350.00 ($35.00 each)- free shipping. International add $75.00 for shipping.

Shipping Choices

Order pendants in packs of ten pendants for $ 250.00 ($ 25.00 each)- free shipping to US. International add $ 25.00 for shipping.

Shipping Choices

For orders over 100 pieces (10 ten packs) and any other orders please contact us.

 Remote Energy Balancing

We offer a personal scalar energy balancing transmission which will be directed at you for two to four weeks in a daily transmission.  ($300 one time fee).

Ongoing continual transmission (every day) can also be ordered (a monthly fee of $250) and can be cancelled at any time.

Of for those of you who want your own equipment, we offer trips to Germany where you can buy your own Scalar Energy biofeedback equipment and get trained to use it. (Travel, training and equipment cost $40,000 USD)

To set up please  contact us.