About Scalar Energy

Scalar energy is also known as Zero Point energy, Chi, Qi, prana, radiant energy, eloptic energy, torsion wave, orgone, subtle essence…

Even though Scalar Energy has existed since the beginning of time,Nikola-Tesla back in 1800, Scalar Energy was first proposed by Mathematician, James Clark Maxwell. About half a century later Nikola Tesla (1856-1943 – the inventor of AC Current Electricity that you use in your home today) was able to demonstrate the existence of Scalar Energy and brought the harnessing of this incredible energy to the world. When his financier, J.P. Morgan discovered that Nikola intended to create “free energy” for the world, he pulled the plug on his finance. When Nikola passed in 1943, he took the secret of harnessing Scalar energy with him to the grave (although the government was quick to confiscate all of his research notes and drawings).  It was only recently, a century later, that quantum physicists have started to rediscover and understand how to demonstrate the existence of scalar energy, make use of it in numerous devices that are avialable today and turn to a further exploration of its potential.

Nikola Tesla is credited with many many inventions in addition to harnessing Scalar Energy. Read about him here – Nikola Tesla or watch the video below.

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